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Current coldAlert

Action coldAlert icon Level 3
'Take Action'
across Sussex


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coldAlert is provided by Sussex-air


coldAlert Forecast for Sussex
Start Time 21:00 Friday 16 March 2018
End Time 09:00 Tuesday 20 March 2018
Current Info coldAlert: Action level - Increased risk of snow in Sussex, from Fri 16th Mar for 4 days. Keep warm, check on elderly neighbours and relatives. For more info see
Alert Level Level 3 - 'Take Action'

coldAlert Forecasting

The service uses information from the national "Cold weather alerts" service that is issued to public authorities and health professionals in Sussex.

The service provides cold weather alerts supplied from the national cold weather warning service at the Met Office.

coldAlert levels and supporting information

The forecasts are supported by information provided by the Department of Health's
Cold Weather Plan for England (2015) .

What the Cold Weather Plan Levels mean (Cold Weather Plan for England 2015)
Level 1 Winter preparedness:
- cold weather service operational
- prepares individuals and agencies for severe winter conditions
Level 2 Alert and readiness: Severe winter weather is forecast
- 60% risk of severe cold lasting more than 48 hours in the following days
- Prepare individuals and agencies for impact of severe conditions
Level 3 Response to severe winter weather: Severe weather action
- Severe winter weather forecast at Level 2 is now occurring
Level 4 Major incident: Emergency response
- Exceptionally severe weather or threshold temperatures breached for more than six days.
- Winter weather is so severe, prolonged or widespread that emergency service response is actioned.

* Older adults and children with heart or lung problems are at greater risk of symptoms developed as a result of severe cold weather.

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