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Current coldAlert

Alert coldAlert icon Level 2
'Alert & Ready'
across Sussex


To join the service please register. Alternatively contact us on 01273 484 337 or email


coldAlert is provided by Sussex-air

Map of Sussex counties
coldAlert Level 2
'Alert & Ready'

Issued at:
09:00 Friday 23/02/2018

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coldAlert has made me feel much more in control. That somebody actually rings me up.. it's given me more confidence.

What is coldAlert?

coldAlert is a free service for residents of Sussex providing cold weather alerts to vulnerable individuals.

It is open over the winter from November 2017 - March 2018.

coldAlert levels

Normal coldAlert icon Level 1
'Conditions back to Normal'

Alert coldAlert icon Level 2
'Alert & Ready'

Action coldAlert icon Level 3
'Take Action'

Emergency coldAlert icon Level 4
'Emergency Action'

coldAlert research

This report provides evaluation of the coldAlert service for the winter period 2016/17.

The coldAlert service has the potential to reduce the number of excess winter deaths and hospital admissions during the winter months.